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We will try to give you our personal recommendation as locals for our favorite places to eat in Sofia – restaurants, gourmet, fast-food or local eateries. Good food is now everywhere in the Bulgarian capital that I am sure you would enjoy almost any place. We will be happy have both your feedback or other recommendations that should be listed on our current page at: info@vtravel.bg. Please don’t forget to reserve a table in advance for the restaurants, most of them are really booked every night by locals and if you want us to help you, you can call, what’s app, viber or message us at: +359899321986.

  1. Shtastliveca restaurant. The original one since 1997 is in Veliko Tarnovo and if your trip to Bulgaria takes you there you should book a table there, but if you stay in Sofia you should not miss a wonderful lunch or dinner in either of the 2 Shtastliveca restaurants in Sofia on Vitosha Boulevard or near Eagle Bridge in San Stefano Plaza building. Great atmosphere and fine 1930s interior for a  delicious Bulgarian or European meal with great choice of meat and vegetarian. More at: www.shtastliveca.com

  2. Pod Lipite restaurant. The place exists since 1926 and means litterally Under the Linden Trees. Located a little bit outside the city center in the nice and quiet Lozenetz residential district it is well worth a 10 minute taxi ride or even a walk. In this authentic restaurant you will find the best of Bulgarian cuisine and the products are always good from their own farm. You should enjoy this place with a big party of friends. More at: www.podlipitebg.com

  3. Annette restaurant is a Moroccan restaurant just two blocks away from main Vitosha boulevard. Its nice cozy atmosphere with a modest garden is the place for a quiet but rewarding lunch or dinner. Everything is good and you will try something different. More at: www.annette.bg

  4. 33 Gastraunauts restaurant is the place for fine, delicious and creative food in the prestigious area near Oborishte Street and Doctor’s garden. Again this is a quiet place to enjoy your meal with a partner or friend where they also have a small and nice garden. Good vegetarian choice. More at: www.33gastronauts.com

  5. La Bottega offers three excellent locations in the Sofia city center near Vitosha Boulevard and “fair” Italian food and wine. It’s a fair place because you will not regret anything you order off the menu, including fresh pizza, sea food and excellent choice of Bulgarian and Italian wine for a casual lunch or dinner. More at: www.labottega.bg

  6. Biroteka is a “library” for Chech beers but also for a great choice of nice food like soups, salads, grill, gulash, schnitzel, burger… Again a place in the quiet Lozenetz district not too far from Park Center shopping mall, where you can also enjoy a nice garden. More at: www.biroteka.bg

  7. Salon pastry and bakery is the perfect corner self service to to try fresh banitsa (Bulgarian dough and cheese specialty), all kinds of sweet temptations like baklava, eclairs, cakes, bread, coffee etc. It is not a tourist place and staff may not speak English, but you can point at anything you like and pay a fair price just off NDK metro station and Vitosha boulevard on 27, Gurguliat Str. More at: www.bg-salon.com

  8. Mimas fast food offers the best Donner kebap (gyros) in Sofia no matter if you wish to have it during the day or at night after a bar or night club. Beef doener is my favorite, along with falafel or burger…of course with french fries or salad. Open usually very late, the place does not have a web site but you can find them at two nearby locations: 68, Vassil levski boulevard or 47, Graf Ignatiev Street.

  9. Supastar is a must-visit place if you like soups. All kinds of fresh and hearty soups, delicious sandwiches and healthy desserts. The space is small but you can always find a table to enjoy your soup right next to St. Alexander Nevski church on 8, Tsar Ivan Shishman Str. where you can also find many other nice eateries, shops and bars. Their website is: www.supastar.bg

  10. Dobrev offers fresh croissants, sandwiches, baked sweets, excellent coffee and self-produced dairy products, such as excellent yogurt, cheese, milk etc. It’s an excellent place for takeaway breakfast or lunch right next to the garden of NDK (National palace of culture) on 31, Professor Fridtjof Nansen Str. More at: www.dobrev-cheese.com

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