Your 90 minutes in Plovdiv and Assen Fortress

Make yourselves comfortable taking a seat, getting some coffee or a beer (why not a glass of wine?) and enjoy the virtual live guided tour of this place! During the next 90 mins you will see the city center, “walk” down along the longest pedestrian street in Europe, see the Roman heritage sites like the Roman stadium excavations, the Roman forum, the ancient Roman theatre and dive into the atmosphere of the Old town with its Bulgarian Revival houses, cobbled streets and cute and cozy art and craft shops!

Eventually we’ll “head off“ South to get back to thirteenth century – the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and will briefly visit a small but very important fortress, protecting Plovdiv some 30 km away from it!

- Make yourselves comfortable and grab a beer or coffee;

- 90 min “virtual tour” will take you to the oldest constantly inhabited city in Europe;

- Ask your questions to a live tour guide;

Plovdiv overview

We are inviting you to join our online 90 minutes tour to Plovdiv. This is the oldest constantly inhabited city in Europe and while we want to give you some shocking news let us continue – Plovdiv is much older than Rome and much older than Athens! It shares this ranking with cities like Aleppo or Damascus, Jericho and Byblos! And some more – Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria – our small country, the city is situated in the land of the ancient Thracians (who were they?) and since the time of Philip II of Macedon is one of the best developed commercial centers in Europe!

Asen Fortress overview

This amazing fortress is built on a high, rocky ridge in the Rodopi mountain about 20 km south of Plovdiv during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great in 6th century. A stone message witnesses in 1230 Ivan Asen the Second rebuilt the fortress after he won the glorious battle near Klokotnitsa. The best preserved and most notable feature of Asen's Fortress is the Church of the Holy Mother of God from the 12th-13th century. It is a two-storey cross-domed single-naved building with a wide narthex and a large rectangular tower, and features mural paintings from the 14th century.


Price: 9.90 € / 20 BGN per person - online virtual guided tour with a professional English speaking guide! The tour price includes: 90 minute online explanations and slideshow from a live guide in English.

If you wish to book this tour, please PROCEED HERE.

The departure point will be your own choice - your comfortable sofa, your beautiful sunset veranda or your balcony. All you need is a good internet connection and a drink. Free pick up:-)))

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Visit virtually beautiful Plovdiv - European culture capital in 2019.

Explore one of the oldest city in Europe with Byzantine, Roman and medieval remains.

"Visit" a breathtaking top-of-the-hill Asen fortress in Rhodopi Mountain.

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