Kazanlak and Karlovo Virtual Rose Festival 2020

Visit virtually the famous rose festival in Bulgaria! Come join us – now is the right season, “put your boots on”, get some gloves and we’re going rose-picking! Wait, we don’t have to start as early as 5.30 am, we can sit at home and enjoy the sites and the explanations without having to wash out boots from the muddy aromatic fields! You will also learn about the technological process and the different ways of implementation and use of the rose petals and the rose oil!

What you and your guide will "do" during the online tour:

Rose-picking in the rose gardens around Karlovo or Kazanlak. This beautiful ritual has been celebrated for over a century and includes local singing and dancing performances.

Distillery tour with detailed explanations of the local rose traditions, distillation process and the importance of roses for the development of the area.

Thracian Tomb visit.

Come and enjoy one of the most Bulgarian venues – the Festival of Roses !!!

Karlovo and Kazanlak Overview

Karlovo and Kazanlak are located about 180-200 km from Sofia along the beautiful and scenic road south of the Balkan range in the beautiful Kazanlak Valley of Roses.

Karlovo and Kazanlak are the center of rose-oil extraction in Bulgaria and the oil-producing rose is one of the most widely recognizable national symbols. Bulgaria is the major supplier of rose oil in the world for the cosmetic industry and Kazanlak's/Karlovo's rose gardens are the largest rose gardens in the whole world. Bulgaria is one of the very few places in the entire world that can grow this particular rose (Rosa Damascena or Rose from Damascus).

Based on our long-term experience, we came to the conclusion that the festival organised by the local authorities can be very touristy and sometimes not quite well organised. In 2019 we are planning a different approach with a visit of a real rose-distillery starting from their own rose and lavender fields. We hope that our own arrangement, combined of course with the local municipality activities, would bring a much better experience for our guests.


Price: 9.90 € / 20 BGN per person - online virtual guided tour with a professional English speaking guide! The tour price includes: 90 minute online explanations and slideshow from a live guide in English.

If you wish to book this tour, please PROCEED HERE.

The departure point will be your own choice - your comfortable sofa, your beautiful sunset veranda or your balcony. All you need is a good internet connection and a drink. Free pick up:-)))

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Visit virtually the famous rose festival in Bulgaria

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