Bookings for all tourist services, offered by V travel Ltd., shall be performed personally in the office of the company on 28,Neofit Rilski str., Sofia, Bulgaria or other agent’s offices, authorized by V travel Ltd. , or in websites, owned by V travel Ltd., as follows :  : www.vtravel.bg, www.boatsandcruises.com, www.rilamonasteryshuttle.com, www.sofiadaytour.com, www.bulgariashuttle.com, www.vipapartsofia.com, www.bbbulgaria.com.

A booking is made after an advanced or full payment is done for the tourist services and after a contract is concluded, for which V travel Ltd will issue a payment document . All specific requirements, such as medical problems, disability, allergies, food preferences etc., shall be declared at the time of booking.


A payment for tourist services shall be held as follows :

– for services, which does not include an overnight, a full amount must be paid at the time of booking.

– for services, which include at least one overnight, 30% advanced payment (deposit) of the full price for the tourist service must be paid at the time of booking. The remaining amount should be paid no later than the first day of the scheduled travel service.

In case of purchasing flight tickets, hotel rooms or other services, which require special conditions and which do not allow a full or partial refund, a full amount for these services could be required earlier, for what customer will be notified  in written form by e-mail.

For non-compliance of terms of payment pointed above, booking will be cancelled and V travel Ltd reserves the right to deduct 30% penalty on the amount of services of imported deposit.


Booking amendments after a reservation is made, can be accepted upon availability (free rooms, available seats etc.) and at discretion of V travel Ltd. For such amendments, required from the client and including, but not only: change the number of passengers, route changes, number of days, hotels and hotel rooms, accommodation type, visited sites etc. the CUSTOMER will have to pay the following amendment fees:

– booking amendment for services, which do not include any nights: 20,00 BGN (10,00 Euro);

– bookings for services, which include one or more nights: 40,00 BGN (20,00 Eur).


1. The full (package) price is calculated as follows: transportation costs, such as fuel, airport/port fees etc., hotels, guide services, food etc.

2. Changes

2.1. Price changes could be a result from: cost of transportation, such as fuel, taxes, exchange rates, in the period between the agreement is signed and the departure date.

2.2.  In this case the price adjustment cannot exceed 5% from the total agreed price and cannot be raised less than 20 days before the departure date. The price adjustment has to be calculated based on the real cost increase and proportionally based on the number of tourists.

2.3. V travel Ltd. reserves the rights to do notable changes in contracts, such as: increase price with more than 5% , tour schedule etc., for which customer is notified before concluding the contract or in written form subsequently. In this case THE CLIENT has the rights to:

a/ accepts changes and pay the surcharge;

b/ cancel the agreement without penalty and without a compensation on behalf of the Touroperator. In this case V travel Ltd. must refund the paid amount within 7 days in full.

c/ to book other tour from V travel Ltd, for which THE CLIENT will receive a credit for the amount paid.


The CLIENT/CUSTOMER may cancel or change the name of the customer of the current agreement as follows:

A. Reservations of travel services, without overnight accommodation:

–   72 hours or more before the beginning of the scheduled services – Customers are entitled to a full refund, except an administration fee of 20 BGN or 10 EUR for each reservation.

–   72 hours or less before the scheduled beginning of the services to the Customers – the paid amount will not be refunded.

B. Reservation of travel services with overnight accommodation:

–   15 days or more before the scheduled beginning of the services Customers are entitled to a full refund, except an administration fee of 20 BGN or 10 EUR for each reservation and all paid amounts for services, subject to special cancellation conditions by third party providers, which do not allow a free cancellation at this moment.

–   15 days or less before the scheduled beginning of the services   – the deposit will not be refunded.

–   72 hours or less before the scheduled beginning of the services   – the amount paid will not be refunded.

Cancellations are accepted in writing and can be done only by the CUSTOMER, who signed the contract in person in V Travel office or via email.


1. All complaints related to V Travel services must be communicated immediately on the spot to the local service provider and to V Travel Ltd. by telephone. The TOUROPERATOR or his local representative have to take all possible measures in the shortest delay after the complaint is received in order to fulfill the customer requirements.

2. In case providing the required services is not satisfactory to the client, a complaint related to V Travel services must be presented in a written way (info@vtravel.bg), by post or e-mail to V Travel Ltd. not later than 7 days after the final date of the agreed travel service is delivered. The customer must attach a written protocol signed by a V Travel representative or signed by a V Travel contractor or supplier on the spot of the service delivered. In case such signed protocol is not provided, the TOUROPERATOR may not take the complaint into consideration.

3. The TOUROPERATOR has to produce a written reply to the filed complaint not later than 1 month after the reception of the complaint.

4. All complaints must be personal as all agreed services are personal. Group complaints may not be taken into consideration.


V travel is liable for the execution of the terms of the agreement.  The tour operator liability to pay compensation and the amount of the compensation payable by the tour operator will be limited to the amount paid for the provided services.

V travel is not responsible for circumstances beyond their control that may prevent the achievement of their responsibility for providing the agreed services, circumstances by third parties, unforeseen circumstances or force majeure circumstances such as:

–           Road or other accidents causing delays to the vehicle;

–           Unforeseen traffic delays;

–           exceptional or severe weather conditions;

–           compliance with requests of the police or other official authorities;

–           vandalism and terrorism;

–           industrial action by third parties;

–           problems caused by other customers;

–           road closures due to local fiestas or other events, other third-party actions that deter the normal provision of services.

V travel is not responsible if the tourist is returned by the border control and does not refund the amount paid for the travel services and the additional expenses made.

V travel is not responsible for any consequences following the failure of the tourists to comply with the laws of the country, no matterif he/she is aware of them.



V travel Ltd has an insurance according to article 42 of  Law of tourism, covering its responsibilities for caused damages, related to payments, including insolvency and bankruptcy according to the terms and conditions of insurance policy № 7500160000113 of Groupama Group, valid till 17.05.2017.

In case of travelling outside Bulgaria, in the package tour price is included a compulsory insurance for medical expenses or acute sickness with a maximum insurance coverage of 2000 euro per person. Persons aged 65 or more have to pay an insurance surcharge, according to the insurance company tariffs and policy. Upon request and after a surcharge is paid, an insurance with bigger coverage can be obtained (concluded).

Attention: when travelling in Bulgaria (except mountain hiking tours), you do not have additional insurance. Upon request you can obtain an insurance for which a price will be given to you.

Documents and formalities. Foreign visitors in Bulgaria have their own responsibility to possess a valid passport or ID card, allowing them to enter the country, in which the tour is held.

Necessary documents for Bulgarian citizens :

-for EU countries – valid ID card/passport, medical insurance and necessary minimum daily amount of money required by the relevant country. Children, under the age of 18, travelling without or with only one of their parents, must have a notary sealed permission to travel outside Bulgaria and to participate in the tour.

– for Republic of Serbia, FYROM and Montenegro – valid ID card or passport.

– for countries, which require visa, additional information will be provided for every particular tour.


The present Agreement and Terms and Conditions are printed and signed in two copies – one for each party. When booking online you accept these and agree with the current Terms and Conditions without a signature.All disputes shall be resolved by good will or otherwise – according to the Laws of Republic of Bulgaria.